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SXDC Ltd. takes a proactive approach to training. We work with our partners to establish the need and training requirements. We then help our members fulfil their training certification before engaging in new ventures. Our partnerships also create excellent apprenticeship opportunities for our people who in turn provide a dedicated, skilled workforce.


Workforce training includes:
A minimum of First Aid Level 1
Fire Suppression
Danger tree assessment
Chainsaw safety
SXD Limited Partnership is Forest Safe Certified


Each employee maintains a minimum of First Aid Level 1; however, many already obtain their Level 3 First Aid.

All staff are trained in a wide range of safety certification including, but not limited to, first aid, fire suppression, dangerous tree assessment and chain saw safety. Additionally, crews receive WHMIS and EMS training.

SXD Limited Partnership is Forest Safe Certified and has safely and successfully completed numerous projects over the years for numerous clients.
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