The Board

The primary role is to provide leadership and to oversee the management of SXDC Ltd. and any corporations or partnerships managed by SXDC, including SXD Limited Partnership, in order to ensure the affairs of these companies are being conducted in accordance with their best interests.


On behalf of SXDC Ltd. we welcome partnership opportunities to explore and invest in our people, our land and new industry. We are honoured and committed to strengthening relationships that champion the growth of our resources, the greatest of which is our people. Together we are better. Together, we believe in creating an environment for sustainable economic opportunities that will create a strong foundation for the Stswecem’c Xgat’tem people and British Columbians for many generations.

Members of both the Canoe Creek and Dog Creek Indian Bands understand the value of partnerships and working together to create agreements, understanding and procedures for stimulating opportunities in a variety of industries including road and infrastructure development, forestry, construction, mining, tourism and agriculture. All things are possible.

We are excited to be part of creating a promising future.

Kukwtsétsemc – Thank you

Our Role

1. Duties and Responsibilities

1.1 The Board’s primary role is to provide leadership and to oversee the management of SXDC and any corporations or partnerships managed by SXDC, including SXLP, in order to ensure the affairs of these companies are being conducted in accordance with their best interests. The Board is a fiduciary to SXDC members, and has all the duties and responsibilities of directors at common law and under applicable statutes.  The directors should take the necessary steps to inform themselves of the extent of their duties and responsibilities.

1.2 Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Board is responsible for the following:

a) managing SXDC and any corporations or partnerships managed by SXDC, including the SXLP, and deciding whether to authorize borrowing, amend corporate bylaws, issue shares and approve financial statements;

b) hiring, directing, supervising, supporting, evaluating and, as necessary, taking disciplinary action respecting the CEO and senior management of SXDC and/or the SXLP, with input from the members;

c) approving, rejecting or modifying, with input from the members, the following in respect of SXDC and/or SXDL:

i. development opportunities;
ii. performance goals;
iii. annual business plans and budgets;
iv. strategic plans and policies;
v. operational procedures, standards, and policies;
vi. corporate objectives;
vii. organizational structures; and
viii. financial statements;

d) approving, rejecting or modifying proposed agreements that relate to, or may impact, SXFN’s Aboriginal rights, title and interests, and forwarding such proposals to Council for final determination;

e) approving, rejecting or modifying the proposed yearly allocation of resources of SXDC and/or the SXLP, in accordance with the respective strategic plans, corporate goals, guiding economic development principles, and the business operating environment, and making such determinations with input from Council;

f) reviewing, approving, rejecting, or modifying any proposals regarding the financing and funding needs of SXDC and/or the SXLP, in accordance with the respective business plans, governing documents and directions from Council;
g) providing input to Council in respect of the establishment of business regulatory policies related to land, water, and air use; environmental standards; wildlife; resource extraction; and employment health and safety standards;

h) providing input to Council in respect of the implementation of long-range macro-economic planning;

i) maintaining the bylaws of SXDC and the Partnership Agreement of the SXLP and monitoring whether the business the partnership undertakes falls within the Partnership Certificate;

j) ensuring that SXDC and the SXLP are in good standing and are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, whether federal, provincial, municipal or traditional,

k) ensuring that SXDC and the SXLP comply with all rights, policies and customs established by SXFN in inter-governmental or government-to-outside-business negotiations;

l) monitoring and evaluating achievement of the objectives and performance goals of SXDC and/or the SXLP;

m) monitoring and managing risk, and exercising reasonable prudence to protect the corporate assets of SXDC and/or the SXLP from undue risk;

n) issuing annual performance reports, budgets and audited financial statements of SXDC and/or the SXLP to the members;

o) attending Board meetings and approving or modifying meeting minutes;

p) planning for succession of the Board, and for succession of the CEO;

q) developing effective Board committee structures, when necessary;

r) selecting the corporate auditor and legal counsel; and

s) such other responsibilities as they are set out in the bylaws of SXDC, the Partnership Agreement in respect of SXLP, and/or other agreements.


Board of Directors

The SXDC Ltd. Board of Directors are appointed by Stswecem’c Xgat’tem First Nations community membership.


Meet The Board

Rick Archie

Board Chair
Rick Archie is a member of SXFN. Rick was a former Board of Director for Stwecem’c Xgat’tem Development Corporation in the early 2000’s and returned to the Board in early 2021. Rick is currently a full-time business management student at the University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBCO) and working part-time with the Northern Shuswap Tribal Council as the Kamloops Urban Liaison. Rick has completed an Advanced Management Certificate from Ch ‘nook at the Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia.

Rick believes that being in service to your community is fundamental to creating a stronger community for generations to come. Rick has worked in many capacities gaining him experience to focus on economic development where he believes there is opportunity for systemic and socioeconomic change for his community and its members. Rick enjoys spending time with family and pets, the outdoors, traveling, and learning new things.

Darwin Baerg

Vice Chair
Bio Coming Soon

Mike Tarbaj

Mike Tarbaj has been a Director for SXDC since the Fall of 2017. His focus has primarily been on the Northern Shuswap Tribal Council as an Outreach Liaison since 2019. Additionally, he spends his time as a volunteer fundraiser for the First Nations Education Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on language revitalization for Indigenous dialects. Mike has spent most of his career as an entrepreneur, often representing multiple concurrent businesses in plumbing wholesale and related industries for over 25 years. Currently, he operates a small business that tests for electric magnetic fields (EMF) for homes and businesses. Mike and his two amazing daughters are members of the Stswecem’c Xget’tem First Nations. With a love for adventure, Mike has enjoyed many motorsports over the years and continues to ride street motorbikes. He has been an active curler since 1985.
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