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    SXDC Ltd began as the Stswecem'c Xgat'tem Development Corporation (SXDC) and was incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act September 30, 2005. Initially operations were carried out under SXDC. To address legal, liability and tax issues not available to SXDC, Stswecem'c Xgat'tem Development Limited Partnership (SXDLP) was registered under the British Columbia Partnership Act March 23, 2006. The partnership began operations on April 1, 2008 to hold all of the assets and do all of the business of the partnership under the direction of the Board of SXDC Ltd.

    By mid-summer of 2008 SXD Limited Partnership had acquired three Non-Replaceable Forest Licenses with a total volume of 690,000 cubic meters of timber over ten years.

    SXD Limited Partnership invested $37,000 in crew training and $96,000 in the acquisition of equipment to support crew operations. Wages paid to community members resulting from SXD Limited Partnership operations to date are in excess of $2,729,000 supporting up to thirty families.

    Additional Experience

    SXD Limited Partnership is registered with the BC Forest Safety Council and achieved BC Forest Safe Certification. SXD Limited Partnership held training in the communities to fulfill the requirements of the various business partners including:


    We would like to give our people the opportunity to work and live in this area where they call home. SXDC Ltd works with partners to provide year round or seasonal employment opportunities. As our student graduation population continues to grow, we seek employment opportunities for our graduated youth to be trained in the skilled labour market.

    SXDC Ltd. provides specialized work force crews for a number of industries including:


    Stswecem’c Xgat’tem First Nation is located in semi remote areas southwest of Williams Lake, BC on the east side of the Fraser River spanning 5,800.4 hectares. These bands are surrounded by agricultural land, valleys and watersheds.

    Additionally within this region there are two school districts, two highway districts, two hydro regions, two telephone exchanges, two forest districts and two environmental lands regions.

    SXDC Ltd and SXD Limited Partnership were formed as a separate entity to find ways of developing economic security and to create jobs which would enable community members to reside on the Band lands, rather than relocate for work, education and housing.