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    Board of Directors

    Message from the Board…

    Weytk – Hello

    On behalf of SXDC Ltd. we welcome partnership opportunities to explore and invest in our people, our land and new industry. We are honoured and committed to strengthening relationships that champion the growth of our resources, the greatest of which is our people. Together we are better. Together, we believe in creating an environment for sustainable economic opportunities that will create a strong foundation for the Stswecem’c Xgat’tem people and British Columbians for many generations.
    Members of both the Canoe Creek and Dog Creek Indian Bands understand the value of partnerships and working together to create agreements, understanding and procedures for stimulating opportunities in a variety of industries including road and infrastructure development, forestry, construction, mining, tourism and agriculture. All things are possible.

    We are excited to be part of creating a promising future.

    Kukwtsétsemc – Thank you


    The Role of the Board

    The primary role is to provide leadership and to oversee the management of SXDC Ltd. and any corporations or partnerships managed by SXDC, including SXD Limited Partnership, in order to ensure the affairs of these companies are being conducted in accordance with their best interests.

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    Board of Directors

    The SXDC Ltd. Board of Directors are appointed by Stswecem’c Xgat’tem First Nations community membership.

    The SXDC Ltd. Board of Directors are: (Click their names to view their bios)

    Rick Archie, Board Chair
    Crystal Camille
    Mike Tarbaj
    Darwin Baerg